U-Turn Block Screening (Team Chiu)

U-Turn Block Screening (Team Chiu)

November 01, 2020 Sun 7:30pm - 12:30am


Event Details

MANILA, 2020: Although she has been a journalist for 7 years, Donna (Kim Chiu) wants to be taken seriously as a reporter. After an opportunity arises when she sensationalizes her reports, Donna’s reports suddenly become viral. But she gets a taste of her own medicine when her twin brother, Eric (mid-20s), commits suicide and becomes subject to sensationalized reports. 

Feeling guilty and knowing her twin could never kill himself, Donna proceeds to investigate Eric’s death. With the help of her boyfriend Robin (Tony Labrusca) and police officer Kevin (JM De Guzman) , she learns that all the people who have died all moved the barrier of a blind curve and made an illegal U-Turn. 

Will Donna be able to discover the truth about the U-Turn and prevent more deaths from occurring?