PETA Laboratory A

PETA Laboratory A

December 06 - 07, 2020

This is a live-stream event

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PETA Laboratory Set A


Mask-wearing has long been a part of our culture – from wearing traditional masks, fashionable masks, and finally wearing protective surgical masks. There was a time when mask-wearing was just for entertainment purposes, but now we cannot leave our homes without it. Nobody is spared from mask-wearing – even our leaders and high officials… although they have been wearing a different kind of mask for some time now. Written and choreographed by Carlon Matobato.


An employee struggling to make a living gets grilled over an online meeting for being too progressive. With cameras on and multiple screens shared, how far are we letting others in our lives? If freedom is never free, hm po sis? Written by Michelle Ngu and directed by Meann Espinosa.


While the whole world is practicing physical distancing, how can we be connected to one another? Does physical isolation mean we have to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world? How do young people understand these concepts and how do they work around it? Devised work on how children and young people are affected by the pandemic, featuring artists from PETA and Kyoto, Japan. Directed by Ian Segarra and Keiko Yamaguchi.